Protection from sun Far more effective than greasy UV spray products, a tonneau is a formidable first-line defense against the damaging effects of the sun for vinyl and leather interiors. Imagine the cost of replacing sun-damaged seats!

Protection from aviary “gifts” Everyone understands the corrosive effects of bird droppings on paint and clearcoat. A properly waxed car offers protection for the sheetmetal but imagine the damage that could be done to the roadster’s vulnerable open interior…not to mention the hassle of trying to clean messes from seat panel seams, crevaces, console and carpeting. Messes caught by the Roadster Tonneau can simply be sprayed off.

Give the car-vac a rest Ever avoided parking near trees for fear of returning to a layer of leaves, twigs or pine needles? The Roadster Tonneau makes sure the only one settling into the interior is YOU.

Attaches & removes quickly Thoughtful features ensure fast and easy install/removal process. There’s no need to drill hardware brackets into the dash or pop snap rivets into the sheetmetal. Side mirror clasp straps are designed to release with a firm tug. Yet, it can be ingeniously fastened in a manner so that no tug will release it.

Attractive Looks great because it doesn’t disturb the beautiful lines of the Z3 roadster. And since it relies in having the boot cover in place to tuck into, it’ll mean your roadster will look great when the tonneau’s removed.

Compact Size Not having to wrestle with a bulky full-size car cover also means not taking precious storage space in the roadster. The Roadster Tonneau can easily fit into places like glovebox, rear hatch, trunk organizer pocket, etc.

Protection from heatNot letting the seats, steering wheel and gearshift console absorb all the sun’s energy means not scorching yourself when returning to your roadster.